The US auto tech company  Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk said today that the next new vehicle factory, Gigafactory 4, will be build in Germany, near the “Berlin area”. According to him, the new plant will include also engineering and design centres for Tesla.

The new factory plant has been in the headlines for some time now and on Tuesday Mr. Musk revealed it in an auto event in Germany. The new site would focus on building the Model 3 and Y vehicles and the target opening of the factory is by the end of 2021.

In Europe Tesla has at the moment the Tilbury factory in the Netherlands, where the company  is having local assembly, quality testing and distribution for the Model S and X vehicles sold in the EU.

In the US, Tesla is having the Fremont factory in California, the Gigafactory 1 in Nevada and Gigafactory 2 in New York. The latest factory is located in Shanghai, China for the Asia markets.

Tesla shares closed up 1,40 % to 349,93 dollars in New York on Tuesday.





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