The Conservatives are leading the UK Brexit general elections due in December 12th. According to Financial Times, the poll of polls indicates that the Conservatives are having 39 % of votes compared to Labour´s 29 %. The estimation is based on the situation of November 14th and it takes account all major voting surveys in the UK (totally 10 different polls).

According to the data, Liberal Democrats are having 16 %, Brexit party 8 % and Greens 3 % of the votes.

From the September 19th situation, the only parties that have gained more votes are Conservatives and Labour. The voting interest for Conservatives is ranging from 35 % to 42 % and for the Labour from 24 % to 31 % in the mid November.

Many political analysts find the “Red Wall” in the north of England as one of the major impact areas for the final results in the elections. The big question is how many Labour voters (that voted earlier remain) would move to Liberal Democrats and thus make more room for Conservatives to take the lead. One could also say it is up to Tories if they can hold there or it is up to Labour voters what do they do.

The equity markets closed today on Thursday down 0,80 % to 7292 points in London Stock Exchange. Annually the FTSE 100-index has increased by 3,68 %, well below compared to the US stock markets. The UK sterling was trading up 0,22 % to 1,29 US-dollars.


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