The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed the party Manifesto for the December elections on Sunday. According to him, The Conservative Party is aiming to get the Brexit-deal done before the end of the January 2020. This could mean before the Christmas when the legislation would be introduced to the Parliament members.

The aim of the party is to have 80 % of the UK trade covered by free-trade agreements within three years. The Tories are also willing to borrow more to invest  in infrastructure. The spending increase would be about 13,8 billion pounds. And for tax increases, the Tories have said no. This would mean that the income tax, national insurance and VAT would not rise.

The minimum wage would increase to 10,50 pounds by 2024 and workers would have the right to request a more predictable contract.

Tories are also aiming to make the UK Carbon neutral by 2050 with planting trees and with extra 6,3 billion pounds spending on energy efficiency in the UK properties. The Tories are also banning the export of plastic waste outside OECD countries. They would also like to open a new independent Office for Environmental Protection.

And for health reasons, the Tories are willing to deliver 50 000 more nurses and build new hospitals. And schools would get extra 14 billion pounds by 2023.

The general elections are on the 12th December and the main question is how the country is leaving the EU. If the Labour Party wins the elections, the Brexit-questions would be in January. The party leader Jeremy Corbyn has also said that he is neutral to possible second referendum.

If none of the parties get the majority or no coalition is possible, then it is possible that the UK would have another elections sometime next year.


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