The UN Climate talks are to begin in Madrid, Spain on Monday.  The main topics are still the global carbon emissions and how to mitigate the emissions in the future. One of the key issues will also be the global carbon emissions trading.

China, which is the largest renewables and green investor in the world but also the biggest polluter, is developing its country wide emission system. The overall idea is like the European ETSI and it is expected to start the emissions trading next year.

The situation with the carbon emissions is also very mixed due to several delays in the renewable investments worldwide and according to BloombergNEF, the global investments in clean energy have been six-year low in the first six months this year. And also the new investments in coal energy in China are making the markets more volatile.

-The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has warned, in its 2019 Emissions Gap Report, that greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 7.6 per cent per year from 2020 to 2030 are needed to meet the internationally agreed goal of a 1.5°C increase in temperatures over pre-industrial levels. Scientists agree that’s a tall order, and that the window of opportunity is growing smaller, the UN says.

The UN Climate Talks, the COP25, will last until 13th December and more than 200 countries delegates are attending the meeting.

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