The Chinese Asset Managers get Green Finance Guidelines

The Asset Management Association of China (supervised by China Securities Regulatory Commission) has issued its first Green Investment Guidelines last week. This is systematic and voluntary standard for the Chinese Asset Management industry to implement the ESG issues into investment processes and scaling up the green investments in China.

This guidelines gives basic principles and standards for green investment activities like investment methods, investing strategies, regulations, benchmarks and evaluation. It also urges fund managers to prioritize investing in green projects.

This guidelines also ask fund managers to conduct self-assessment on an annual basis and submit the results to the Association at the end of March each year.



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Schiphol aiming to become the most sustainable airport in the world

The Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol is aiming to become the most sustainable airport in the world.  The company has also announced that they are targeting zero waste airport by 2030 and a climate neutral airport by 2040. The targets are shown in the company´s Green Bond Framework. Schiphol has issued a 500 million euros Green Bond to finance the structural changes.

-Safety is our top priority and we will never make any concessions to ensure passengers can safely travel to and from our airports. In addition, we aim to lead by example when it comes to sustainability in the aviation sector and strive for three main objectives: a clean future for the aviation sector, future – proof airports and a healthy working and living environment, the Royal Schiphol Group N.V (Schiphol) stated.

Since 2018, 100% of energy used at Schiphol is sourced from Dutch wind energy. Travellers can access Schiphol by train or by bus, the largest electric bus fleet in Europe. Majority of the taxi fleet is also electric.

As part of the Green Bond Framework, the Company is planning in invest in new, green buildings and clean transportation. This means for example charging stations for buses, cars and airplanes. The Airport is also planning to increase the use of its bio-fuels facilities.

The senior unsecured bonds are due 5 November 2030 and carry an annual coupon of 1.5%.  The bond will be listed in Euronext, Amsterdam.


Schiphol is the first European airport to issue a green bond.

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Porsche Cayenne hybrid – the future is here

porsche-zoom2 (1)Porsche Cayenne hybrid is designed to meet the expectations of the high quality sport car. It is not only the energy efficiency of the car, but also the connections & functions of the car.

According to the company info, the Porsche Cayenne hybrid combined consumption is 3,4 litres per 100 km and the combined CO2 is about 78 g per kilometer. The electric driving range is 23-44 kilometers.

But for business travellers, the Porsche Connect service with calendar meetings and real-time travel information & travelling time, is a new service which helps the driver to achieve the destinations and meetings in time. One can call this Auto-Assistant while it can inform about possible delays during the journey.

The other thing is the charging. Porshce is also one of the companies with the Ionity, a high-power charging stations, service. This makes charging even faster all around Europe.

But also the wireless charging, that is charging without cabels, is a new possibility for Porsche hybrid. This wireless charging,  for example in the drivers carage, makes the charging even more easier and it is based on inductive technology.Also other sportcars manufacturers like BMW and Audi are also using this new charging technology.

Driving the Porsche Cayenne hybrid is made easy: all functions are reachable and clear. The Touchdisplay with navigation is working orderly. On the other hand, the energy information display could be more informative. The gasoline tank is 75 litres.

The car is big enough for luggages, sport equipments and it is designed for 5 persons. The interior design is sportive with leather and aluminium.


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New iPads and Macs from Apple – machine learning in focus


Apple (APPL) has launched new iPads and Macs yesterday in New York. According to company info, these new models of iPads are built to the versatile use of virtual reality and machine learning.

– Apple´s next generation Neural Engine is built for advanced machine learning in everything from photography to AR, completing up to 5 trillion operations per second. This enables fast Face UD, faster plane detection for AR apps and other features that use real-time machine learning, the company press release says.

The new devises are in the shops from the November 7th onwards and the price range is 799 – 1149 US-dollars. According to Financial Times, some analysts say that this product launch is a major step for Apple to enhance the mobile and pc market.




Netflix to offer 2 billion junk bond

This trading week started with another big announcement from the high-yields bond markets. The US video-streaming company Netflix (NFLX.o) published its plans to offer 2 billion junk bond to US and European markets. The notes would be in dollars and euros.

The funds will be used to content creation and production in order to keep the growth figures. This is also the second time for Netflix to offer bonds. According to Reuters Netflix issued 1,6 billion dollars in April and its total debt is 8,4 billion dollars.

Last week the company announced its quartely results, which was better than expected. The global streaming revenue growth was + 36 % year on year and the company has now over 130 million subscribers. During the Q3 period, the company got 7 million new customers, which is a new Q3 record, the company said.


Uber and 2 billion junk bond before the IPO in 2019

The ride-hailing company Uber has raised 2 billion dollars from the bond markets last Wednesday. The initial offering amount was 1,5 billion dollars, but due to the demand the company decided to raise the amount. The underwriter in this private placement was Morgan Stanley.

According to markets this issuance was a positive sign for the future, while the company does not have enough earnings to pay interest due to the loss making business. The planned IPO will be during the year 2019, no exact month has releaved yet. The IPO markets will also see an IPO from Uber´s rival Lyft and the timing is at the moment March-April 2019. Accorfing to estimates, the valuation of Uber is expected to be around 120 billion dollars, which would be one of the biggest tech offerings next year.

The high-yield bond markets have been active lately, while also companies like WeWork and Tesla (TSLA) have also raised capital.