Google to launch a new company for smart cities

Google (GOOG) has launched a new company called Sidewalk Lab to develop services and products for smart cities. Sidewalk is focusing to improve the life for everyone by developing and incubating urban technologies to adress issues like lowering the cost of living, efficient transportation and energy usage.

According to Google, new services and products like internet of things and flexible buildings and infrastructure allow cities to tackle the problems. The company will be lead by Dan Doctoroff, former CEO of Bloomberg News.

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China confirms 2030 climate commitments

China’s Premier Li Keqiang reaffirms the goverment’s commitments to climate commitments by around 2030. The State Council made the statement on Friday 12th June, but it did not include any new targets related to Paris meeting in December.

According to the statement China’s energy consumption and Carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP dropped by 29,9 percent and 33,8 percent in 2014 from the 2005 levels.



Sony is targeting zero-environmental footprint by 2050

Sony Corporation has published its Green Management 2020 guidance in Tokio in order to mitigate the environmental footprint of the company products. According to the company disclosure, the big target is to make the environmental footprint to zero at all stages of its product lifecycles and business activities by 2050. This includes climate mitigation  in the supply chain regarding greenhouse gas and water consumption.


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China to expand its cap and trade to nationwide next year?

China is planning to expand its cap and trade programm and there has been estimates that the expanding could mean nationwide during next year. The country´s official said to Xinhua today at the Barcelona Carbon Expo that China is developing its ETS programm and enhancing its new low carbon technology list further. These actions are seen as steps towards the UN Paris Climate Change talks in December.

During the CarbonExpo, the World Bank published an estimate which shows that the global value of carbon pricing instruments are at 48 billion dollars. For example the Korean ETS system and the expansion of California and Quebec cap and trade programs have helped the markets to grow.


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Is your company ready for the digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the key for growing business in the future. Lately we have seen many business cases with new, distruptive strategies, which will transform the whole business sector. Tesla was one the innovative companies last week to announce a new battery for homes and companies to store for example solar energy to be used in peak hours. This was a big step for electric cars manufacturer. This kind of trend will change the profitability of traditional utility companies and the whole energy ecosystem we are used to. Why have we not seen the traditional utility companies or car manufacturers  to innovate new business areas like this before? Maybe we hear more this kind of questions in the future. Traditional business sectors are facing new competition from areas they do not expect.

Digital transformation is about making the products and services with new information, more engaged, faster, reducing cost and delivering more value to customers than before. It is about using the new technology to deliver more outcome and fun to stakeholders.  Different sectors and business areas are more advanced than others, but new services like cloud will change the business totally and internet of things will fasten the development even more. And the next big question is if the company has embedded the corporate responsbility into its strategy and innovation. Climate change, scare natural resources and urbanization are affecting every business globally.

In the future we will see for example personlized medizine, predictive maintenance and analytics and more engagement. Consumer user experience will be the new black. Companies will be categorized to leaders and laggards dependent on the level of digital transformation and sustainability embedded. This is an opportunity for every company, but it depends on the management and boards to make it happen.

Digital transformation itself is a good example of sustainable living and process. It solves business problems, shorten product cycles, deliver more value with less energy & natural resources. Insights will follow insights and time will be saved in innovation process.  Big data is helping to make analysis and predictions. Is your company part of this big change what is happening RIGHT NOW?

In circular economy we have seen innovations, but with the new set up of technologies we can speed up the transformation to greener businesses and processes. Technology is the key for the Earth to mitigate climate change and to reduce the emissions in smart cities.


Päivi Härkönen (MSc. Econ) is management consultant of ESG (environmental, social, governance) and digital issues, communications, marketing and branding.


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Tesla to provide green energy for homes/offices & utilities

Tesla Motors (TSLA US) is entering new markets beyond electric cars. The CEO  Elon Musk announced on Wednesday that the company is starting delivering  so called Powerwalls, which enable homes to store for example solar energy to be used during the peak hours. Tesla says that this is a new innovation with easy to use and install and the battery itself is well designed and offer different colors. The deliveries of this lithium-ion batteries will start late summer this year and the walls are 7 kWh or 10 kWh priced 3500 dollars.

According to Musk the goal is to fundamentally change the way the world uses energy. “We are talking at the terawatt scale. The goal is complete transformation of the entire energy infrastructure of the world” , he said in the launching event.

Tesla is also making so called PowerPack solutions for corporations and utilities. So far the power industry has lacked a cost-effective solution for energy storage and this issue is growing all the time, while there is growing amount of solar and wind energy to be integrated into the grid. Tesla is building its own gigawatfactory and has also several co-operations agreements with local utilities and industries.

Tesla share closed to 226,03 dollars in Nasdaq New York.


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Apple sales jump – market cap to exceed 1000 billion?

Apple announced a record quarter today. According to the company, revenues jumped to 58 billion dollars, up 27 percent and net income was 13,6 billion dollars during the second quarter ending March 2015.

Earnings per share was 2,33 dollars, when the markets were expecting 2,16 dollars according to Bloomberg.

The Sales in China exceeded the US Sales for the first time. The company sold 61,2 million units during the quarter, of which 16,8 million in China.

The Sales of IPads were down by 23 percent to 12,6 million units. This is the fifth quarter of declining sales figures for tablets.

Strong results and Apple Watch have boosted new target price, which would mean the market value of 1000 billion dollars. Apple closed up 1,8 percent to 132, 65 dollars in New York.

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