Graff: The first automatic Lady Watch with 519 diamonds

The Swiss-UK luxury company Graff has launched its first automatic timepiece for ladies during the BaselWorld2016. It features a grand date complication and a dual time with day and night indicators. The luxury watch has also mother-of pearl dial with rose gold lugs and with with alligator strap.

This Icon Ceramic Watch is embedded with 519 finest diamonds making the diamond design and overall style very modern and chic.

Throughout its  history, Graff is said to have handled more diamonds of rarity and beauty than any other jeweller, perhaps most notably the House has cut and polished four of the five largest diamonds uncovered this century and remains the leader in the production and retail of exceptional diamonds and precious gemstones. Today, after more than five decades at the pinnacle of the luxury jewellery industry Graff continues to push the boundaries of evergreater innovation and excellence.

Founded in 1960 by Laurence Graff, the company remains a family business, with Francois Graff (son of Laurence) as the CEO and two other family members directing design, merchandising and production. 

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BaselWorld2016- trends in the jewellery and watch industry

Once again, BaselWorld was the premiun place for jewellery and watch industry to be present. All the major industry leaders were saying the same thing: Basel showed the optimism the luxury industry is having in spite of the economic slowdown for example in Asia.  Also recent studies from diverse research organizations indicate that the luxury markets are recovering this year in spite of the situation for example in Hong Kong.This was also the first time, when smartwatches were present.

The CEO of Tag Heuer Jean-Claude Biver, president of the LVMH Watch Division said that the BaselWorld has been one of the best years ever: the number of visitors was high and the sales figures were better than in recent years. Also the new smartwatch has gone so well that the company is sifthing the production from Asia to  Switzerland, Chevenez according to the press person in the fair.

CHEVENEZ_Assemblage HD

The Tag Heuer new smartwatches will be manufactured in the near future in Switzerland in the company production site in Chevenez. The Android-based smartwatch has been developed together with Intel and Google. Globally the smartwatch industry is expected to grow to 11,5 billion dollars in revenues according to Gartner with 50,4 million units sale.

The fashion and luxury industry leader Swarovski had again the largest pavilion  in Basel. According to the company the new spring and summer collection features  sleek and geometric lines. The company has launched “Chrystalline Hours”, the first automatic watch for women with sparkling 4000 crystals.


The famous Russian jewellery company Faberge presented their Lady Faberge timepiece with enamel champagne dial and of course Easter eggs. Here you can see the four Easter eggs in the Faberge pavilion.


The BaselWorld is also about the pavilions and design. Great masterpieces and craftmanship, nature as inspiration: flowers, butterflies  and water falls. It is no wonder why this event gathers over 140 000 attendees for inspiration, luxury and design.




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Dutch Innovation in Wind Energy – new design and architecture planned in Rotterdam

The Dutch have combined sustainable innovations, energy efficiency and high-class design in a new architecture modell called ” the Dutch Windwheel”. This model consists of steel, glass and the building itself produces the energy needed. The new design has got inspirations from the London Eye.

The building hub is planned to be build in the port of Rotterdam, Holland and for example parts of the building are underwater. This new modell is designed by a consortium by BLOCK, DoepelStrijkers and Meysters. The building would include panorama restaurant, sky lobby, hotel, apartments and commercials. Some of the “rollcoaster or cabins” are embedded with smart walls that is touch-screen glass panels for different kind of data and information.

It is estimated that this building would be visited by 1,5 million people per year and the consortium believes that the building would be break-even in 10 years. The construction is about to start in 2018 and end between 2020 and 2022.

New Wind Engine Picture Holland

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Smart Mazda CX-3 for safe driving

IMG_0019.JPGThe Mazda CX-3 is a new innovation from the Japanese manufacturer. According to the company, the new model was launched globally in June 2015. There are plenty of new elements embedded in the car for secure and safe driving. The car itself is a good example of the new wave of sport utility vehicle, which can offer you different new technology innovations. The aim is to lower the CO2 levels and increase the safety and comfortability in the car.

”Skyactive-technology” in the car

According to Mazda the ”Skyactive-technology” is a comprehensive design philosophy, which offers you economic and lower CO2 emissions, but still having the same driving experience and usability. After the test driving I can say the usability and steering of the car is good, reversing and parking are easy to handle because of the great view from mirrors.

This kind of easy driving but safety embedded is a good choice for weekend and city driving, but it also gives easy access to a cottage road, because of high ground clearance. We recommend the car would be equipped with four-wheel drive. The CO2 emissions are from 105 to 150 g/km according to the company information (different models) and the consumption is around 6 liters per 100 km.

Safety on the roads

Mazda has developed several different smart solutions for safety. For example the sensors in the car makes driving safer, because the system alarms you if there is another car next to you when you are about to change lanes or if you are near to exit your lane on the road accidentally.

Then there are small, but important things like automated wind stoppers during the rain, engine stops automatically when you are stopped on red lights, Bluetooth – integration for your own music like Spotify and automated braking in low speeds if there is possibility of an accident.

The new Mazda CX-3 is very easy to drive and the dashboard is well-organized, it is easy to access every button while driving. Navigation is a supplementary element, so it is not integrated.

Testcar used had 120hp, which accelerates the car from 0 to 100 km/h (0-60mph) in 9 seconds, so it manages well with different occasions on the road.

We liked the overall design of the car, it is sporty and modern, but still somehow unique. The safety software and low CO2 emissions are elements one can enjoy, when using this car during for example the weekend travels.

Päivi Härkönen

Technical details of the test car:
Mazda CX-3 Skyactive G (2,0) 2015
Fuel: Petrol
Consumption: 5,9 liters (Combined)
CO2 g/km: 137
Hp: 120
Front-wheel drive
Manual transmission


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Tesla car, as you like it

Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA) is charger and automobile manufacturer, pioneer of the industry. Tesla is currently producing one car, it’s called the Model S. There are four different versions to choose from, major differences between these versions are if the car is equipped with double engines, which gives more power, faster acceleration and is all-wheel drive included or not. The most luxurious choice of these four is called the Model S P85D, it has petrol and electric engines. Those two engines totals up to 691hp, which means acceleration from 0 to 60mph (0-100 km/h) takes only 3,1 seconds and yes, it is an electric sedan. The car fits up to five people, interior is really luxurious and modern with gigantic 17” touchscreen on the dashboard aimed towards the driver. It has the most advanced vehicle interface to date, there is so much you can control with the touchscreen. For example opening panoramic roof is done just by sliding your finger downwards the screen. The interface is not the only thing which makes this car innovative and something we haven’t seen before.

kuva 2

The touchscreen on the dashboard

Näyttökuva 2015-7-1 kello 0.11.33

Interior of Model S










Safetyness is also on the new level, car brakes automatically if it comes too close to car in front of it, using Autopilot Model S changes lanes when just tapping the turn signal, keeps the distance safe between you and the car in front and can park by itself, just to name few features. Therefore Model S was awarded with ”Highest safety rating in America” by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and MotorTrend named it the ”Best car of the year 2013”.

Easy charging

Tesla has made their own network of charging points, these points are strategically located and they are free to use if you own a Model S. Supercharger points cover basically whole North-America and the west of Europe with some in the Asia-Pasific. Areas covered by charging points are expanding really fast and it’s the fastest way to charge your own Model S. Charging points can be found using the touchscreen or own Tesla app for your smartphone, just a 30min of supercharging gives enough electricity to drive 170 miles (273 kilometers). Other remarkable feature for your car is the Powerwall, it is home battery, that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, during power outages it also keeps your electricity on. One awesome feature regarding charging your car is fuel door is hidden, it’s not possible to see it until you approach the driver’s side taillight with charging connector, thats when the hidden charging port automatically opens.

Design Studio

Tesla has their own Model S Design Studio, which is integrated into their own website. Using the Design Studio it is possible to design your own Model S, as the way you want it. Everything from color of the interior into size of the wheels is possible to change using that tool.

Model S P 85D is equipped with so many features it’s impossible to tell them all, all what is possible to say about this car is it’s something we haven’t seen before. It’s so innovative, game-changer of the industry and it gives us a taste of the future. It is one of the most ecological cars up to date and it can accelerate faster than some super sportcars, while having seats for five people and luxurious interior.

After the summer of 2015 Tesla starts producing new car, called Model X. It’s an electric SUV, which means it’s larger than Model S. Model X will have 7 seats and ‘falcon wing doors’, there is not much information available for the new model, but we will be waiting with great interest, thats for sure.


Ville Koski

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TEFAF 2015 Maastricht – The world’s leading art fair

          IMAG1464                                 IMAG1460                                  IMAG1459
The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) is the leading art fair in the world with presenting 275 world’s leading galleries from 20 different countries and circa 75 000 visitors attend the fair annually. Every piece of art is examined carefully by international experts and in 2015 total of 175 international experts made sure the art pieces which are shown are in best condition and quality. This is to make sure it is possible to buy the work of art without being insecure. The fair is held annually in Maastricht, which is the southernmost city in The Netherlands. During the 10 day TEFAF there are much going on in Maastricht, after visiting the fair it is possible to enjoy high-quality shows of dance, opera, jazz and on the second weekend of TEFAF there is event called City Polo Maastricht, which is held right in the city centre. The visitors of the art fair vary from everyone who is interested in arts to very wealthy and internationally recognizable persons and every year about 225 representatives of world’s most prestigious museums also attend the fair.
The exhibitors of this art fair vary from leading galleries to yacht companies and high-end jewelry manufacturers and the pieces of art have timeframe of 7000 years. The reason why the exhibitors decide to come to TEFAF and Maastricht is really simple, ”because everyone is here, including our clients”. The floor plan of the fair was really nicely planned, each type of art had it’s own section and the hallways were named after famous streets, for example Madison Avenue which led to Times Square in the fair. The floor plan also included Sunset Boulevard, Rembrandt Plein and many other recognizable names. The floor plan of course also included specific business areas.
This art fair is so impressive with about 33 000 pieces of art so there is so much to see and everyone finds something really interesting, even the flower decorations at the entrance are breathtaking. With the other activities outside the art fair during TEFAF it is really a good way to spend a couple of days in beautiful Maastricht.
           IMAG1462              IMAG1457
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