Brexit: UK PM ask EU for extention

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sent a letter to the EU and asked for Brexit extention. According to Bloomberg, the PM has sent the letter but he still thinks he can find a way to exit by timetable October 31st. The extention in the letter was until January 2020.

The EU leaders need to vote in order to grant the extention and according to EU, they will need a couple of days to proceed with the issue.

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Brexit: The debate starts at 9.30 am in the UK Parliament

The expected debate of the UK´s decision to leave the EU will start at 9.30 am UK time today. This is exceptional case that the Parliament is having a working day on Saturday. The MPs will vote on different things among others the PM Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal with the EU.

Officially the Benn Act, the Withdrawl deal, needs to be accepted or rejected.  

According to the Parliaments websites there has been four times in the history that the MPs have voted on Saturday. The other days have been:

  • 2 September 1939: Outbreak of World War II
  • 30 July 1949: Summer adjournment debates, last sitting of the summer
  • 3 November 1956: Suez crisis
  • 3 April 1982: Falkland Islands invasion


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