Amundi Real Estate´s AUM increased to 12,9 billion euros 2015

Amundi Real Estate achieved a total volume of 3.6 billion euros in transactions in real estate funds and mandates during last year. This doubles the volume of acquisitions/disposals compared to 2014, representing growth of 111%, the company said in the press release.

Amundi Real Estate carried out acquisitions totalling over 3.4 billion euros through 58 deals totalling more than one million square meters (m2), and sold more than 153 million euros in assets via 21 deals on behalf of the funds it manages. While over 2.4 billion euros was invested in France, almost 30% of acquisitions (in volume) were completed in Europe, notably in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

More than 84% of these transactions were in corporate real estate assets (with 79% office property, 18% shops and shopping centres and 3% hotels). Residential property investments totalled 46 million euros. These are solely investments made in France, mainly on behalf of Malraux-type real estate investment trusts or REITs.

Amundi Real Estate’s assets under management increased by 39 % to 12.9 billion euros at the end of December 2015, due to the strong growth in transaction volume, both in France and internationally. IMG_0872

About Amundi Real Estate Amundi Real Estate is Amundi’s management company specialising in developing, structuring and managing property funds for private investors, private banks and their distributors, institutional investors, large companies and real estate professionals.  Amundi Real Estate has € 12.9bn assets under management. Amundi Real Estate is a subsidiary of Amundi Group.

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European Insurance Companies to enter new business areas due to Solvency 2

European Insurance companies have faced new capital requirements beginning from this year, while the new Solvency 2 is to implemented in the EU area.

According to Amundi Asset Management Gilbert Soubie, Head of Insurance Business Development, this new situation creates insurance companies the need to re-assess their investments and review their business model. This will also lead to review the asset allocation under new capital constraints and search for  optimized investment strategies.

– Solvency 2 is about risk & return and solvency capital requirement optimization in the portfolios, the two aspect are important, Mr Gilbert Soubie said in an event held in Stockholm this week.

The aim of the new EU-wide legislation is to improve consumer
protection, modernisize the supervision, deepend the EU-market
integration and increase international competitiveness of the  sector.

Amundi Asset Management is the European leading asset management
 coompany with AUM more than 950 billion euros. Amundi has become a
 leading European player in asset management and known also about
product performance and transparency, quality of client relationships based on a long-term advisory approach; efficiency in its organisation
 and teams’ promise to serving its clients and commitment to
sustainable development and socially responsible investment policies.

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IMF: Global growth will be modest in 2016


According to managing director Christine Lagarde, International Moneraty Fund (IMF)  global growth in 2016 will be modest and uneven. She was speaking in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

– Global growth is estimated at 3.4% (it was 3.1% in 2015) and 3.6% in 2017. There is modest optimism but significant risks, she said according to the WEF press release.

The biggest risk issues are the downturn of the Chinese economy, oil prices and different monetary policies around the world.

Lagarde said the transition of the Chinese economy, moving from industry to services, from exports to the domestic market, and from investment to consumption is a massive undertaking.

According to IMF,  Europe’s economy is now in better shape at 1.5% growth, but Lagarde pointed to two major concerns: potential Brexit and the refugee crisis.

– If the refugee crisis is handled well and the integration process is conducted in a cohesive and organized way, it will be an upside for growth, she said.


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Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition reached to 600 billion dollars AUM

The Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition reached to 600 billion dollars assets under management (AUM) durign the Paris Climate Talks. As the Paris talks ended with the ambition to limit the temperature rise to 1,5 degree, the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition exceeded six times its orginial target of 100 billion dollars AUM. The new signatories are big institutional investors: Allianz and ABP.

– More and more companies and states will incorporate climate change considerations – they are going to address physical climate risks, they want to reduce emissions and they have to reflect regulatory needs and developments,“ Mr Oliver Bäte, CEO of Allianz said in the press release.

– We will anticipate these risks and opportunities. Allianz’s climate and decarbonization actions will include the phasing out of coal investments, the use of environmental, social and governance scoring in investment decisions across its portfolio of own investments, and scaling up its investments in renewable energy, he continued.

The Coalition was co-founded by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), the fourth National pension fund of Sweden, AP4, Europe’s largest asset manager Amundi and CDP in September 2014.


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The results of Climate talks on Wednesday?

facebook-1 COP21

The main results of the global climate talks COP21 in Paris  will be announced on Wednesday this week. According to BBC News and Huffington Post, negotiations are expected to conclude on Wednesday  and the final agreement would be ready later this week. The official signing ceremony would then be in 2016.

The biggest issues are still the 2 degrees Celsius versus 1,5 Celsius target. According to the news, France and Germany have joined the countries demanding the 1,5 degrees Celsius in order to protect the most vulnerable countries. The second big discussion issue is the financing of the climate fund.

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Swatch and Visa to make contacless pay

Swatch SA and Visa have signed an agreement related to contacless payments. This new pay-by-the-wrist watch, Swatch Bellamy will be launched in early 2016.

According to the companies this service can be used globally where Visa payments are accepted.

– It‘s also true that “bel ami” means “good friend” in French, and the new BELLAMY watch will doubtless become a good friend to its wearer. Contactless NFC technology uses high-frequency radio waves to enable electronic devices to communicate over short distances, usually less than 10 cm.Pay-by-the-wrist transactions require absolutely no energy at all from the watch itself, meaning customers can expect the usual battery life of a Swatch, the company stated in the press release.

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Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition to reach 230 billion dollars AUM before the Paris talks

The Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition (PDC) has reached 230 billion dollars assets under management before the Paris COP21 meeting. The initial target was 100 billion dollars, so it shows a dramatic increase in the target.

The new members include for example Hermes Investment Management in the UK, MN Services in Netherlands, BNP Paribas Investment Partners and Caisse des Depots in France.

– As one of the founding members of the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition, Amundi is honored to see the Coalition reach and exceed the US 100 billion dollars target. It sends a signal to the markets that asset owners are tackling climate change related risks on a large scale. Amundi will continue to actively support the Coalition and investors by providing innovative investment solutions and affirming its role as a corporate citizen, said Mr. Yves Perrier, CEO of Amundi in the PDC´s press release.

According to Mr Frederic Samama, Amundi Deputy Global Head of Institutional & Sovereign Clients, this autumn has been very positive towards the low carbon thinking.

– We have never seen such a movement towards portfolio decarbonization as now before the Paris COP21. And there might be the possibility that the target will even grow from this during the climate talks, he says.

– Many asset owners have realised that this is a question of risk management of climate change and economic decisions. And we in Amundi have been pleased to help the financial markets to hedge the climate change risk as we introduced the first low carbon products this year, he continued.

The Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition is a multi-stakeholder initiative that will drive greenhousegas emissions reductions by decarbonization of portfolios. The coalition was founded by UNPE FI, Amundi, AP4 and CDP in September 2014.

– It is cruisial, and my responsibility, that we create the right outcomes from our investment decisions – and the right outcomes on a 30-year time horizon are those that mitigate risk, including carbon risk, said Saker Nusseibeh, the CEO of Hermes Investment Management in the release.

– In line with our duty to our long term customers and our 20 year history of sustainable investments, we are proud to join the PDC. It is a natural step for us to join a community of peers to share learning and inspire the business on lowering carbon risk and creating value to investors, said Odd Arild Grefstad, CEO of Storebrand.

– The PDC offers us a valuable platform of like-minded parties with whom we can collaborate to fulfill our clients climate action agenda, said Rene van de Kieft, CEO MN Services in the Netherlands.

Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition (PDC) members include A Capital, Amundi,AP4, Australian Ethical Investment, Church of Sweden, Environment Agency Pension Fund, ERAFP, Fonds de Reserves des Retraites, KLP, Local Government Super, Mandatum, Mirova, Point Capital Management, Robeco SAM, Sonen capital, Storebrand, Toronto Atmospheric Fund, University of Sydney, Hermes Investment Managment, BNP Paribas Investment Partners, CDC, Storebrand, MN Services in the Netherlands, Humanis.

Amundi is the European leader in Asset Management industry with AUM more than 950 billion euros. The company is known for its product performance and transparency, quality of client relationships based on long-term advisory approach, efficiency and commitment to sustainable development and socially responsible investment policies.



















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