Stock markets continued to decline in Wall Street

Stock markets continued their decline on Friday opening in Wall Street. Dow Jones was down 0,29 % to 25753 points, S&P 500 down 0,35% to 2860 points and Nasdaq -0,13 % to 7900 points.

The biggest declining sector was the tech companies because of the new trade tariffs in the US China trade.

The US President Donald Trump has said that the countries have continued the negotiations but no agreement is signed.

The new tariffs will also have their impact for example on machinery and other industrial stocks. Apple (APPL), which manufacturers many Apple assessories and Macs in China, is expected to sift the price increase into retail prices, according to Bloomberg News.

In London the stock markets gained and the FTSE 100 index was up by 0,3% to 7229 points. In Germany the DAX was up 0,82 % to 12071 points and in France the CAC 40 index, up 0,52% to 5340 points.

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China asks US to meet halfway in trade talks

China has asked the US to meet in halfway in order to salvage the countries trade deal. According to Reuters, the Chinese government spokesperson from the Commerce Ministry,  Mr. Geo Fend told media representatives about their proposal in Beijing today.

– The US side has given many labels recently, backtracking. China sets great store on trustworthiness and keeps its promises and this has never changed, he told today and said that China has asked the US to meet in halfway.

The US has said it will rise tariffs related to chemicals, building materials, furnitures and consumer electronics, if the trade negotiations fail. The new tariffs would come into effect on Friday at 12.01 am (0401 GMT) if not agreed before. The tariffs would concern around 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods.

The global stock markets have declined because of the situation and it is widely expected that the sell-off will continue in risk assets tomorrow if there is no agreement or settlement.

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Stock markets decline before the Friday deadline in trade tariffs

The global stock markets were on sell-side and declined before the approaching deadline of the  US-China trade tariffs on Friday. The Wall Street opened by over 1 % decline today. Dow Jones was down 1,22 % to 25 649 points, S&P 500 index was down 1,13 % to 2847 points and technology index Nasdaq down 1,46 % to 7827 points.

In Europe the FTSE 100 index was down 0,65 % to 7223 points in London, the CAC 40-index was down 1,63 % to 5239 points in France and German DAX index down 1,30 % to 12021 points.

The euro was trading  at 1,11 dollars, the dollar was trading at 112 yens and sterling at 1,29 dollars. The yen climbed somewhat against dollar while the investors sought heavens before the Friday deadline.

According to Bloomberg News, the US trade deficit with China decreased to 28,3 billion dollars in March. If the trade talks fall, the US is said to lift the tariffs of Chinese goods valued 200 billion dollars to 25 % from 10 %.

Friday is also the IPO day for the US ride-hailing company Uber. It is expected that the listing the company is one of the biggest tech IPOs since Facebook and the company value is estimated to be around 90 billion dollars.


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Brexit- UK will participate the EU elections

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has today announced that the country will participate the EU elections on the 23 May.The Goverment also said that it is continuing the cross-party talks with Labour Union in order the reach the Brexit deal.

According to Financial Times, a study from reasearch company Sandbag,the UK would lose over 1 billion pounds revenue in carbon allowances if there is no Brexit deal at the end of the year.This is because the UK is not participating the European Emissions Trading Systems in no-deal Brexit. 

According to the ETSI,the UK has got millions of carbon allowances each year based on the cap and trade programme. The price of carbon is trading around 25 euros per tonne.

Last week the UK Goverment declared a climate emergency and said it will target net zero carbon emissionsby 2050.

The stock markets were down  in London and the FTSE All Share index was down 0,24 % to 3975points.In Germany the DAX index was up 0,39 %to 12 139 points and in France the CAC40 index was slightly up,0,04% to 5397points.

The sterling was trading down 0,51 % to 1,347 dollars and the euro was up 0,09% to 1,12dollars.

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Asian stocks mixed over trade war concerns

Asian stocks were mixed on Tuesday trading over the accelerating US China trade talks. According to Bloomberg the main reason for this was the comment that the US would proceed with the trade threats on next Friday.

Hong Kong Hang Seng index was up 0,45 % to 29341 points but the Japanese Nikkei index was down 0,77 % to 22087 points.S&P Asia 200 index was up 0,75 % to 6330 points, while the MSCI Asia Pacific was down 1,15 % to 161 points.


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Stocks lower after Trump’s trade comments

Global stocks were lower on Monday due to the comments from the US President Donald Trump. He said, that the US could consider raise tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. It would mean that the tariffs would increase from 10 % to 25 % on Friday. And also that new tariffs, worth of 325 billion dollars of Chinese goods, would be placed as well.

The US China trade talks are still expected to continue this month and according to Reuters the negotiators are expected to meet during this week.

The Asian Stock Exchanges were hit on Monday by 3-5% plunge. In Shanghai the stocks ended down 5,5 % and in Hong Kong the slide was 2,9 %.

In Europe the German DAX index ended down 1,01 % to 12 286 points and the France CAC index ended down 1,18 % to 5483 points. In London the FTSE ended up 0,40% to 7340 points.

In Wall Street the trend was not that dramatic while the Dow Jones was down 0,66 % to 26330 points and Nasdaq -0,86 % to 8094 points. S&P 500 was also trading down 0,85 % to 2920 points.

The British sterling was trading down 0,50 % to 1,31 dollars.

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