Omega for sport lovers


Omega is definitely something for sport lovers. The new models feature beautifully symmetrical cases that now achieve a seamless integration with the bracelet. The patented screw-and-pin bracelet itself has been updated. The crown has changed too. Now, it is conical in shape with waved edges.

The dials of the Aqua Terra Ladies’ models remain clean and crisp, and are enhanced by diamond hour-markers. Mother-of-pearl dials remain our favourite, completed with 14 different refined colours with an opaline, sandy or lustrous finish. The “waterresistance” wording is now engraved on the caseback.

The Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer collection made its début in 2017. The first model is stainless steel with a matt-black dial, a polished ceramic bezel with a brushed Liquidmetal® tachymeter scale.


Smallbone of Devizes – UK heritage with details


The UK Smallbone of Devizes is a traditional heritage and design company. The essence of Smallbone is the skill of the craftsman by using traditional techniques and the high quality service with details.

The company is offering the finest materials like sustainable European oak, rosewood, mahogany, American walnut and maple. The provenance of all Smallbone’s timber is traceable and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

The aim of the company is not only to fullfill the design and good functionality needs & logistics in the Kitchen, but also to provide the beauty, harmony and tranquility for its users. The company is operating globally and it has showrooms for example in the UK, US, Russia and Dubai.

Smallbone´s brand logo is inspired by the White Horses of Wiltshire, England. The company was born in the mellow, seductive hills of Wiltshire, in southern England.


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Luxury brands gained due to EU court ruling

The European luxury brands gained in the European Stock Exchanges today. The reason behind the upward trend was the EU court ruling saying that the luxury brand owners can have a say in which digital platforms the retailers can sell their luxury products.

Many luxury companies have been worried over the brand imago related to different digital platforms. The EU court ruling lifted stocks like Kering Group (KER) by 0,56 %, LVMH (LVMH) by 1,14 %, Burberry Group (BRBY) in London by 0,64 % and  Christian Dior (CDI) in Paris by 1,28%.

Global luxury brands have been building their digital presence and imago via social media during the couple of years, but also starting their own e-commerce platforms in order to make the customer dialoque direct and to keep the service level and personalization as expected.

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Luxury timespecies from Hermes


The French company Hermes is known for its clear but modern and chich luxyry watches. The red Cape Code one, is made of steel with silvered opaline dial. The blue Slim d´Hermes is a platine watch with innovative perpetual calendar. This mechanical memory ensure that the date of months with 30 and 31 says is automatically adjusted.

According to the company, practical, functional and stemming from uncompromising expertise, the watches radiate the lightness of the unexpected.







Graff Luxury Watches with butterflies

The nature has been a major inspiration for Graff Diamond´s craftsmen in Geneva and in London. One of the Luxury Watches Models is the Butterflies series with different colors and variations.


Princess Butterfly watch is set in white gold with 66 baguette diamonds. The butterfly wings are available in different variations – for example full diamond, ruby, sapphire and diamonds with sapphire detail.

Featuring white, pink or yellow diamonds, the intricate markings of a butterfly’s wings are illuminated with the finest gemstones, creating a work of art. The watch incorporates a highly innovative, jewelled mechanism which is pushed to reveal the secret 17mm watch dial set with mother of pearl and the movement with quartz.



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Patek Philippe – elegance with luxury


Patek Philippe is known for its high-quality craftmanship. These models brings the tradition, independence and emotions with luxury to its customers.

The company has also made a new version of the traditional 240 movement watch, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. This luxury watch is made from white gold, mother of pearl, rare white diamonds and rose sapphires. It is elegance with ultra-thin self-winding.

This ladies luxury watch is an excellent choice fo a larger timespiece with precious luxury settings. The Watch oscillates very precisely, assuring a daily rate tolerance of -3 to +2 seconds.

The watches have the Patek Philippe Seal, which is more than traditional quality standard. According to the company, the Seal means company´s own quality label related to manufacturing, precision and lifelong maintenance. The company is family owned, based in Geneva, and it has about 2400 employees globally. The annual production is about 58.000.


New BMW Hybrid 330e – high-quality design


A new BMW Hybrid 330e iPerformance Business Exclusive is offering something new and old. The car is very sporty and speedy one, but also hybrid. This car makes you feel comfortable while all the interior design is modern, but the functionality is also good.

This new  BMW Hybrid is having automatic transmission and for example the turning circle is about 11 meters, which makes it easy to handle in the city.  The interior design with leather seats and with blue lights make it also very special. The new lightning helps you for example to find your lost mobile phone in the car during the dark winter hours.

But something new to consider also. The fuel tank is about 40 liters, which is not so much one can expect. With the electric power, the driving range would be about 20 kilometers. So these are good to keep in mind when driving on the road and thinking about the next station – and not all the stations are having electric power as an option. The combined CO2 is about 44 g/km according to the company.

The trunk floor space is about 370 liters due to the battery position, but the car´s top speed is about 225 km per hour. So, very nice to work with in the city and outside.  This car is a good example of the new development with new technology, but still keeping the style and design as expected.