Mitsubishi Outlander – over 100 000 units sold in Europe

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV,  one of the premium plug in hybrid crossovers, has made new records. The company announced in late January that over 100 000 units of this model has been sold in Europe.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is having all wheel control with low running costs. This energy efficiency has been one of the best selling points  and no wonder: according to the company the combined consumption is about 1,7 litres per 100 km and the CO2 emissions are 41.

Perhaps the biggest surprise against other plug-in-hybrids after the energy efficienvy is the large cargo capacity, but still having seats for 5 passangers. Sure, you can have all your sports equipments with you.

The interior design of the car is modern and comfortable. All are easy access, but one thing the developers could paid more attention: it is the energy consumption during the drive. This is quite common issue that the graphics are not clear, simple and informative enough.

The fast charing with Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is really fast: 80 % of the capacity is ready within 25 minutes. On the other hand, the electric driving range is about 30 kilometers.


Citroen C3 Aircross – compact car

C3_Aircross_Voiture_Argus Citroen

Citroen is showing a new and clear designed car, the Citoren C3 Aircorss. This smart car is having plenty of different elements to choose and to personalize your car. The company has made it easy for owners to design the inrerior and exterior design with four different designmodels, ranging from Metropolitan Crey to Urban Red.

According to Citroen, its Pure-Tech engines are new technology and thus minimize the CO2 emissions of the car.  For example the Pure-Tech 130 Shine car is having 119 CO2 emissions per kilometer and the combined consumtion is 5,3.

The new screen related to the road information and navigation, is helping the driving  and thus enabling safer elements too.  During the test drive it was clear that the new functionalities were very well placed, so the maximal use and good contact was possible.

One of the new interesting functions was the Grip Control, which helps you drive down the hill. This Hill Assist will help you to drive down safely ans without a danger of slippery. This is very helpful if the road is having snow, mud or sand.

One of the good elements in the car is the vast space of the trunk – according to the company the car has space from 410 litres to 520 litres with the help of the back seats.

Citoren C3 Aircross is a smart and compact car with new technology. One can say that this car model is a good example of the new trend in the car industry: smart package with many well-designed fucntions.


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Zurich Marriott Hotel – everything you need


Zurich Marriott Hotel is located by the riverside of the Zurich City center. One can say it has everything you need – the high-quality service for business and pleasure, excellent restaurants and it is close to everything in Switzerland.

As the company says it: it is a place where brilliant services connect people.

Zurich Marriott Hotel, part of the Marriott International (MAR:US),  has a newly renovated M Club Lounge for business travellers. There you can enjoy complimentary breakfast, all-day-refreshments and convenient business services.  And do not to forget the concierge´s service: they will find you everything you need during your stay.

The M Club is part of the Marriot´s rebranding of the former executive club. The aim is to find new ways for modern business travellers with 24 hours service.  Finally there is a service for business travellers! No need to worry about different time zones, opening hours or how to find a place where you have all the office equipments, even at night!

The hotel is easy to access, but I would prefer walking. When you walk by the riverside, through the park with birds singing their spring melodies, you will find some kind of  new ideas and thoughts, feeling also relaxed.  What else a business traveller would need!

Finally, as a 5-star venue this hotel can offer you nearly everything,  also sauna and fitness center for sports travellers.

Zurich Marriott Hotel, Neumuehlequai 42, 8006 Zurich. Switzerland, tel: 41 44 360 7070



The best burgers in Zurich


lake-view-Zurich-Marriott-Hotel (9)Zurich is an excellent travel destination with charming old town and still very modern shopping district. There are so many places to visit and the city is offering a variety of different cultural activitites such as opera, theatres, exhibitions, concerts and museums.

During your visit a buger meal with local taste, fresh vegetables and nature ingredients, is thus a good way to learn also the Zurich fast, slow food.

We have now  a good listing for the best burgers in Zurich for you. This list is made with co-operation with Zurich Marriott Hotel.

Jack & Jo, Gustav-Gull-Platz 2, 8004 Zurich,

b.good, Oberdorfstrasse 8, 8001 Zurich,

the Butcher, Stussihofstatt 15, 8001, Zurich,

Gerold Chuchi, Geroldstrasse 5, 8005 Zurich,

the Bite, Brauerstrasse 15, 8004 Zurich,

If you cannot find it here, check also these places: Big Ben Westside, Holy Cow, Helvti Diner, Heidi & Tell and James Joyce.  Take a tour & enjoy the fast, slow food!



Tag Heuer and 20th Century Fox collaborate in Kingsman

KingsmanTagOneShe_Ref103_2TAG Heuer, part of LVMH Group (MC:FP), has announced a global partnership with MARV films and 20th Century Fox in the upcoming new film from acclaimed director Matthew Vaughn, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, in cinemas worldwide on September 22, 2017. TAG Heuer’s Connected Smart Watch is the Official Watch of The Kingsman.

In the new film, the Kingsman agents will all be fitted with TAG Heuer watches. According to the Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver,  Kingsman means explosions, action, laughter, and, of course, elegance.

Director Matthew Vaughn added: “For Kingsman: The Golden Circle, we needed a smart watch for our agents. We looked at the different options available, but none of them were elegant enough for a Kingsman. Then I saw an interview on Bloomberg TV with Jean-Claude Biver about his connected watch, and it became immediately obvious; the Kingsman agents would wear the TAG Heuer Connected.”

See the trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle:

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London Heathrow 70 years anniversary


London Heathrow is celebrating its 70­ years anniversary this year and the airport has now made also exciting stories about the terminals and gates.

Did you know that the Queen´s terminal, terminal 2, opened 4th June in 2014 and it is sustainably heated by about 20.000 tonnes of local wood chips? Or that the terminal 5 was the place where Daniel Craig flew to film for “Spectre” in 2011. James Bond has record of 146 destinations in 49 countries.

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Davos- your new travel destination

Davos, is the world capital for one week in February, when the World Economic Forum gathers in the Swiss Alpine Mountains with leaders all over the world. The preparations for the next year meetings are also going on in June, when I visited this lovely Alpine village.

–  You know, when the leaders come to Davos, they have very tight schedules. They want to meet everybody, while their all collaques are also here. One way to see it, one could say that this is also sustainable. For one week, you do not have to travel anywhere, just stay in Davos to meet everybody, says the top quality-hotel director Silvana Schlösser from Ameron Swiss Mountain Hotel.

And yes, she is right. Why not stay for longer on this just-opened, brand new four-star plus quality spa hotel in Davos. The hotel, 1560 meters above the sea level, is a culinary and well-being heaven. One can feel the slow-down and nature while the mountains and all sports facilities are near.

This Davos based Ameron hotel is the first Ameron Resort, a place for relaxation and smart business. It has 148 rooms with modern Alpine design and led-lightnings, 6 meetings and event rooms and vitality spa with over 850 m2 different saunas and silence room. This hotel has also a Finnish sauna for its quests.

The Kids Club is also a very popular in the hotel. Kids have their own events and activities during the stay. What would you say about a trip to the local farm or a play in the snow?

Art design hotel

One design element in the hotel is art. One can see that the art collection reflects the local surroundings. According to Mrs Schlösser this art concept is famous in all the Amaron destinations in Europe.

This hotel group has several destinations in Germany for example in Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, Hamburg and next year also in Munich. Group´s five-stars hotels are called Atlhoff-hotels and they have over 10 Michelin restaurant stars according to Mrs Sclösser. It goes without saying that the hotel-owner, German Thomas Althoff, is a star-collector, as the German newspaper Die Welt, has also named his business. These five-stars hotels are located in Germany, London and Saint-Tropez.

Davos Klosters for winter and summer sports

This Alpine village is located about two hours ride from Zurich main railway station. It offers a wide range of different sports possibilities: for example 700 km marked hiking and panorama roads, biking, horse riding and golf. And even theme trails:this time cultural-historic trail or Alpine Botanical Trail would be perfect.

During winter time Davos has over 320 km ski slopes, Nordic skiing, Alpine Skiing, skating and winter hiking trails. And if you can not decide, the tourist office has made a day plan for different kind of events and activities to participate. Now it is up to you: discover and enjoy Davos! The winter season starts in the late November.

Päivi Härkönen

Davos Klosters fact figures & Ameron Swiss Mountain Hotel

  • two hours from Zurich Airport/Railway Station
  • several sports facilities in winter and summer
  • place for the annual World Economic Forum
  • 1560 meters above the sea level

Ameron Swiss Mountain Hotel
prices from 120 euros onwards per night
telephone: +41 81 544 19 19

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