Chopard and happy sport diamonds



This year is the 25th anniversary of the iconic Chopard Happy Sport Watch. The watch is having free moving diamonds between the two sapphire crystals in the dial. The automatic movement includes hours, minutes and seconds.

There are four different kind of case options, including stainless steel, 18k gold or a combination of the two metals, with or without diamonds. The mother-of-pearl dials can be white or in a soft pastel shade of either pink or blue. This Happy Sport Watch is water resistant up to 30 meters.

The straps include lavender blue, matt pink or matt white leather or 18 gold pin buckle.



China and the UK in trade talks – China to resume purchases of US crude oil?

China and Britain have agreed to actively explore the possibility of discussing a top notch free trade agreement. According to Reuters, the China Commerce Ministry said on Saturday that the countries discussed last week how to boost the two-way investments and expand trade in services. The British Trade Minister Liam Fox and  the Chinese Minister  of Commerce Zhong Sham met last week in Beijing.

The UK has said earlier that it  aims to grow the export to 35 % of the gross domestic product after leaving the EU.  The official talks of the free trade cannot begin until Britain has left the Union.  The departing time is Friday 29th March 2019, at 11 pm. There is also the new transition period from the March 2019 to December 2020 to get everything in place and allow businesses to prepare for the new post-Brexit time.

It seems that during last week there has been some progress in the trade disputes. For example according to Reuters the Chinese Unipec, which is a trading company of the China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (386: HK)  (Sinopec), would resume the purchases of US Crude Oil in October. This would be the start of the buying after two-month delivery stops due to the trade tarffis talks.

Sinopec is one of the largest buyer of US Crude Oil. The company has also launched its Green Action Plan, which means that the company is aiming to become a clean, efficient and low-carbon company by 2023. This means for example that the share of its clean energy output would grow in the energy mix and for example LNG transfer capacity would reach more that 26 million tonnes a year and geothermal heating would reach 120-150 million square meters by 2023. This would mean geothermal heating to about 2,1 million urban residents.

The company said that the half-year earnings were at the highest level on record due to the profits in refining and rebound in crude prices. According to Bloomberg, net income was 42,4 billion yuan in the first 6 months. Operating profit from the refining business was up 32,5 % to 38,9 billion yuan and the chemical segment showed a 29,7 percent gain.

Revenue rose 11,5 percent to 1,3 trillion yuan and capital expenditures were 23,7 billion yuan in the first half compared with the full-year estimate of 117 billion yuan. Sinopec made the filing to Shanghai Stock Exchange  today on Sunday.






Green Bonds – financial tools to mitigate trade wars and Climate change

Green Bonds have got a new meaning in the era of trade wars and tariffs. It can be used to mitigate the growing trade tensions but also to mitigate the Climate Change.

Green Bonds are targeted to projects that have environmental impact on for example energy efficiency, the efficient use of natural recources or green city infrastructure. Because of this nature, green Bonds are also modern tools to engage with the Paris Agreement and thus mitigate Climate Change.

According to Moody’s research the global green bonds issuance was nearly 45 billion dollars during the second quarter in 2018. And it is expected to grow to 175-200 billion dollars this year.

Many goverments have also talks related to public-private partnerships in order to finance different infrastructure projects.

Today the Japanese Nikkei newspaper stated that Japan is in talks with the US in order to build up sovereign wealth fund for US infrastructure investments. Japan and US have trade talks next week in Washington.

According to Nikkei Japan would raise capital from the private sector through bond issues as early as April 2019.


CTA: Smartphones will soon rival TVs

Smartphones are becomming more and more common among the consumers in the US. According to CTA research smartphones will soon rival TVs as the most owned tech product with 87 % ownership versus 96 % for TVs. It is estimated that smartphones will match with TVs during the next five years.

New emerging tech categories include also for example Amazon Echo and Google Home. The ownership has risen to 22 percent.

Smartwatches are also gaining growth to 18 % of the US households. The increase is 6 % from year ago.

The CTA research was done during the Feb-March 2018 and it included 2016 persons.applewatch_nylon_photo_4


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Helsinki2018: Talks about trade & China

The  Helsinki2018 meeting has started with presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in the Helsinki Presidential Palace with the Finnish president Sauli Niinistö. According to the US President Donald Trump,  the discussions will range from trade to China.

– Getting along with Russia, is a good thing. And when we have 90 percent of the world´s nuclear power, we might talk about this as well, he said before the meeting.





Stock markets steady in spite of trade wars

Financial markets stayed steady during the Monday morning  trading in the European Stock Exchanges. For example the London FTSE 100 – was down about 0,09 percent, DAX in Frankfurt was up 0,07 percent and Paris CAC 40- index was up 0,01 percent.

The markets in Japan were closed on Monday, but Hang Seng was up 0,05 percent in HongKong and Shanghai A-index was down 0,61 percent.

The dollar was trading 1,17 against euro, up 0,07 percent.

The trade tensions between the US, China, Russia and EU are tiggering and the companies are facing growing unease with the situation. This will have its own impact in investment decisions, timings, places and financing. For example this will have big impact in tech companies and their locations in the future.

The markets will be expecting more information from the world leaders, the US president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki today. The leaders are having their press conference during the late afternoon EET.