Brexit: May wants UK to leave EU by end of May

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking the Brexit-deal before the end of May. This would avoid the country arranging the EU elections.

She spoke today in the Parliament and asked the MPs to reflect the Brexit during their Easter holiday, which will be a week long breake. According to the Goverment, the talks with Labour party also continued today.

Yesterday the EU leaders decided to delay the deal until 31st October.

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Brexit: EU offering 2 months delay (corrected)

The EU is offering UK a 2 months delay to the Brexit deal. This would mean that the deadline would be May 22.(*)

The EU leaders were having meeting today and according to news wires, the proposal woud mean that the UK Parliament would have to accept the deal next week. Otherwise there would be no deal, according to France President Emmanuel Macron.

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to have a press conference in the evening.

*corrected right month, May 22

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