Christmas Calendar 9: Gift ideas

Christmas Calendar 9: Gift ideas: Jacob & Co Jewellery “Infinia” collection

-The Jacob & Co jewellery “Infinia” collection is available in pearls and turquoise, corals and diamonds. The Infinia collection is reflective of the universal symbol for “infinity,” from which it draws its name. The deep color and timeless nature of the stones, combined with the collection’s circular designs, symbolize a cycle of endless infatuation – an infinite love that lasts forever, Jacob & Co says.

The collection is also available in pearls and different variations of sapphire, ruby and emerald cabochons (earrings and rings).

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Christmas Calendar 8: Gift ideas

Christmas Calendar 8: Gift ideas: Sylvain Pinaud

According to the company info, the new Sylvain Pinaud luxury watch is unique and personal design is also possible.

Technical details:

• 45H power reserve with manual winding
• 2.5 Hz variable inertia balance
• Single pusher column-wheel chronograph with horizontal clutch
• Counter 45 minutes semi instantaneous
• Case and buckle in grade 5 titanium (also available in 18K gold)
• Diameter: 42mm height: 12.5mm including glass
• Water resistance 3 ATM (30 meters)
• Bespoke black calfskin strap


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Christmas Calendar 7: Gift ideas

Christmas Calendar 7: Gift ideas: Chopard “For you” earrings

-The For You collection is a perfect embodiment of this fine jewellery expertise and brings a light and airy touch to the High Jewellery world. Cherry blossoms are at the center of this line inspired by springtime and introducing white gold jewellery sets featuring rings and earrings studded with diamonds or emeralds, the company says.


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Christmas Calendar 6: Gift ideas

Christmas Calendar 6: Gift ideas: Hublot “Classic Fusion Orlinski”, Titanium

The Swiss watch company Hublot created this watch “Classic Fusion Orlinski” with the art designer Richard Orlinski. According to Hublot, Mr Orlinski loves all kind of arts and his interest is to explore different elements from sculpture, design to music and live performance. His works can be found in more than 90 galleries in France and abroad.

-We adopt a pioneering and exploratory approach. We thrive on challenges. The success of the Aerofusion Chronograph and the Tourbillon has opened up new avenues. These elegant Classic Fusions turn wearing a watch into an everyday art form, the CEO of Hublot Ricardo Guadalupe says.


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Christmas Calendar 5: Gift ideas

Christmas Calendar 5: Gift ideas: Tudor “Black Bay Bronze”

Tudor´s Black Bay Bronze model measures 33.8 millimetres, the widest diameter of all the company´s calibres. The watch´s rotor is “satin-brushed with sand-blasted details, and its bridges and plate have alternating polished sand-blasted surfaces and laser decorations.”

It displays the hours, minutes and seconds functions and it has 70-hour power reserve.

-As a tribute to the brand’s naval heritage, Tudor has identified the historic uses of its watches and reinterpreted them in its latest models. For example, the French Navy had Tudor watches delivered without bracelets and then fitted them with their own straps. One of them, kept in the brand’s archives, is made of elastic recovered from French rescue parachutes. This ultra-functional relic, recognisable by its gold-coloured thread, is the reference behind the slate-grey woven jacquard strap available for the Black Bay Bronze, the company tells about the history.


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