New BMW Hybrid 330e – high-quality design


A new BMW Hybrid 330e iPerformance Business Exclusive is offering something new and old. The car is very sporty and speedy one, but also hybrid. This car makes you feel comfortable while all the interior design is modern, but the functionality is also good.

This new  BMW Hybrid is having automatic transmission and for example the turning circle is about 11 meters, which makes it easy to handle in the city.  The interior design with leather seats and with blue lights make it also very special. The new lightning helps you for example to find your lost mobile phone in the car during the dark winter hours.

But something new to consider also. The fuel tank is about 40 liters, which is not so much one can expect. With the electric power, the driving range would be about 20 kilometers. So these are good to keep in mind when driving on the road and thinking about the next station – and not all the stations are having electric power as an option. The combined CO2 is about 44 g/km according to the company.

The trunk floor space is about 370 liters due to the battery position, but the car´s top speed is about 225 km per hour. So, very nice to work with in the city and outside.  This car is a good example of the new development with new technology, but still keeping the style and design as expected.





Audi, BMW and Daimler to buy Nokia Here /WSJ

According to the Wall Street Journal, the German car manufacturers will buy the Nokia digital mapping service Here. Audi, BMW and Daimler will buy the unit with 2,5 billion euros according to the WSJ. The deal is expected to be finalized by the end of this month.

Nokia has been on and off with the negotiations, but if this deal proceeds it will mean that Nokia will focus on wireless network equipment and services. Nokia is also in the process of buying the French Alcatel Lucent with 15,6 billion euros.

Nokia shares has been up with over 330 percent during the last three years. Today the share fell by nearly 2 percent to 6,2 euros.

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