Brexit: EU is expected to agree on delay until January

The EU leaders are expected to agree the Brexit delay until the end of January 2020, according to media sources. The EU leaders are having their meeting in Brussels today.

The discussion about the delay timetable was mixed during last week while the UK Parliament were discussing about the general elections in December. Today’s EU meeting will also include the possibility of exiting earlier if the UK Parliament can ratify the PM Boris Johnson deal.


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Brexit: EU delays the Brexit extension decision

According to Evening Standard, the EU leaders have delayed the decision of Brexit extension due to the possible General Elections in December 12th. According to the newspaper, the EU decision became after the leaders had their meeting on Friday regarding the extension of the October 31st timeline.

It is expected that the EU will publish its extension decision on Monday after the vote on December elections in the UK Parliament.

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Brexit: UK PM ask EU for extention

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sent a letter to the EU and asked for Brexit extention. According to Bloomberg, the PM has sent the letter but he still thinks he can find a way to exit by timetable October 31st. The extention in the letter was until January 2020.

The EU leaders need to vote in order to grant the extention and according to EU, they will need a couple of days to proceed with the issue.

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