Brexit: PM does not have to ask for extension – Court

The Scottish judge has today announced that the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not have to ask for the extension to the Brexit-deal if there is no deal ready by 19 October.

The EU leaders summit is taking place 17-18 October and some MPs have asked that the UK Government should ask extension to Brexit if the leaders are not able to reach an agreement in order to avoid the no-deal scenario.

This positive sign for possible Brexit deal was welcomed in the markets and FTSE 100 -index closed up 0,59% to 7197 points in London. In Germany the markets closed also up and Dax-index rose 0,70 % to 12097 points. In France the CAC 40 -index closed up 0,61 % to 5521 points.



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PM May: Brexit-deal is in the national interest

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said that the Goverment backed Brexit deal is the right one for the UK. She also emphasized the meaning of the deal to the UK as a whole country and said that it is in the national interest. PM May had the press conference at the Downing Street 10, London tonight.

During the press conference she told a couple of times that she believes the deal will be signed with the EU. EU leaders are planning to have the EU meeting on the 25th November.

May also underlined the timetable that UK will leave EU according to the plan, on March 29th next year.

She also argued that the deal will give full controll of boarders, money and law and ensure the employment of the UK citizens.

Stocks in Europe ended mixed, FTSE100 up 0,06 %, German DAX-index down 0,52 percent and CAC40-index down 0,70 percent. In the US, Wall Street was having positive trend, Dow Jones  up 0,56 percent, S&P 500 up 0,87 percent and Nasdaq up 1,54 percent.

Sterling against dollar was trading down at 1,7 % 1,277 dollars and euro against US-dollar was up 0,20 percent at 1,1333 dollars.

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