Stocks lower after Trump’s trade comments

Global stocks were lower on Monday due to the comments from the US President Donald Trump. He said, that the US could consider raise tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. It would mean that the tariffs would increase from 10 % to 25 % on Friday. And also that new tariffs, worth of 325 billion dollars of Chinese goods, would be placed as well.

The US China trade talks are still expected to continue this month and according to Reuters the negotiators are expected to meet during this week.

The Asian Stock Exchanges were hit on Monday by 3-5% plunge. In Shanghai the stocks ended down 5,5 % and in Hong Kong the slide was 2,9 %.

In Europe the German DAX index ended down 1,01 % to 12 286 points and the France CAC index ended down 1,18 % to 5483 points. In London the FTSE ended up 0,40% to 7340 points.

In Wall Street the trend was not that dramatic while the Dow Jones was down 0,66 % to 26330 points and Nasdaq -0,86 % to 8094 points. S&P 500 was also trading down 0,85 % to 2920 points.

The British sterling was trading down 0,50 % to 1,31 dollars.

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Stocks mixed in Wall Street – Dell returned to the markets

The US stocks were mixed on Friday trading in Wall Street. The Dow Jones index was down 0,52 % to 23018 points, but the Nasdaq-index ended up 0,08 % to 6584 points. Larger S&P 500 index ended down 0,13 % to 2485 points.

Technology-company Dell Technologies (DVMT) returned to the markets, when its listing started again. The shares were listed in NYSE after six years as a private company. During Friday, the banking group Wells Fargo (WFU) announced that it will pay 575 million dollars to the state as settlement of phony accounts and customer abuses.

The e-cars manufacturer Tesla (TSLA) announced two new board members as part of the SEC settlement. The Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison and HR director Kathleen Wilson-Thompson will join the board. Tesla shares gained after the news. California is also the first US state to mandate women in boards.

In Europe the stocks gained and for example in London the FTSE 100 -index rose 1,89 % to 6653 points. In Germany the DAX-index ended up 1,71% to 10558 points and in France the CAC 40 index ended up 1,74 % to 4678 points.

In Asia stocks were mixed. In Tokyo the Nikkei-index ended down 0,31 % to 20014 points, while in Hong Kong the Hang Seng index gained 0,10 % to 25504 points.

Euro was trading slightly up 0,20% at 1,14 dollars and the UK sterling 0,47 % up to 1,27 dollars.

Brent oil, ICE, was up 0,08% to 52,20 dollars per barrell.

The year 2018 has been very downside trend for the global stocks and according to Bloomberg this year has been the worst year since 2008.

The volatility is expected to continue in 2019. On the agenda there is for example the Brexit vote, USChina trade talks, US Goverment shutdowns and the monetary policies of central banks.

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