Google to buy wearable Fitbit in the US

The US tech company Alphabet Inc´s Google has made 2,1 billion dollars offer to buy the wearable fitness company Fitbit (FIT) in the US.  According to the companies, Google is investing more in its Wear Os to balance the wearables markets with Apple Watch, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi alike.

The deal is expected to face anti-competitive process by the US authorities related to consumer data and privacy. According to Google (GOOGL), the consumer data is kept well and no Google adds will be included. The deal is expected to be finalised during the next year.

The offer, which gives an 19 % premium to Fitbit´s share price compared to Thursday, means an offer of 7,35 dollars a share. Reuters reported on Monday that such a deal is proceeding and after that the share price has increased about 40 % in New York.




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Apple´s new Watch – fitness and health

Apple-Watch-Series4_watch-front-training_09122018Apple  Inc. ((AAPL) has today launched new series of Apple Phones and Watches. The Apple Watch Series 4 include the largest Watch display yet.  According to the company, the new Watch is fundamentally redesigned and re-engineered.

Apple says that the viewing area is over 30 % larger than before, but also the new technology improves the power efficiency – meaning that it should work the whole day on a single charge.

The Watch is having a new infographic display which enables users to have different functions at the same time. Like: air quality index, UV index, Heart rate, Activity, music, workout, breathe, weather.

According to Apple, they have developed the Watch further – to include the security of fall detection and Emergency SOS calls, if needed. The heart rate is monitored by  the Digital Crown Electrode in the Watch. The application is coming later this year, company says.

According to Apple, the Watch is becoming the information centre of users health data. It could include all this information:  activity, sleep, mindfulness, and nutrition.

It seems that the new Apple Watch is the first of its kind, a new Medtech product from Apple.

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Kempinski Mirador – a place for integrated health and beauty

It was a good decision when I decided to visit Le Mirador Kempinski Hotel  in the lake Geneva area. I must say that the feeling of the hotel and the services were above all. First, the cardrive up to the mountains was a pure delight with all the Swiss Riviera atmosphere. Secondly the hotel welcoming services and the view in the reception made you take a breath again. One can seek for a better panorama view with mountains and lake.

Le Mirador Kempinski is well situated, only 50 minutes drive from the Geneva Airport. On the other hand, it has its own privacy and security, so it is relaxing sometimes to get out of the city just to have a break. And one can feel that the personnel also respect that feeling.

Integrated health and beauty 

Hotel Mirador Kempinski is an interesting combination of luxury hotel with health and beauty. The hotel offers not only a large spa area with saunas, swimming pools, massages and fitness, but also very delicate Givenchy Spa treatments, the only Givenchy Spa in Europe and Mirador Medical center.

The Givenchy Spa gives you wellness above the clouds and it is possible to get various Givenchy treatments.

The Mirador Medical center gives you a professional care for example for different kind of skin types, hydrotherapy and light therapy. Services include also dental services. This Mirador service package is really something unique for business people. Now one can optimize all the needs with a short visit up to the mountains.

One Michelin restaurant 

Kempinski is also investing in healthy nourisment and it is no wonder that the restaurant in the hotel has got a Michelin star for its gourment. For example the light evening antipasti with fresh salad was really for me when I arrived in the hotel.

And according to the hotel Kempinski  the targets are even higher. In the future they are targeting to get three stars for their restaurant.

Hotel Mirador Kempinski is a place where you can have everything. From a private dinner to stakeholder meeting, or enjoying the lake view in your own terrace.  This magnificient hotel cares for your wellbeing and beauty.



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