Dorian landed North Carolina Coast weakened

The Hurricane Dorian landed in North Carolina Coast weakened. According to Wall Street Journal, Dorian brought heavy rains and winds and about 400 000 households are without power in Carolina and Virginia.

The Hurricane has not been so severe as earlier feared and according to National Hurricane Center, Dorian is now as Category 1 storm. It is expected to reach Nova Scotia during the weekend.

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Hurricane Dorian is moving to US South Carolina- flooding and strong wind expected

The Atlantic Hurricane Dorian is moving towards to US South Carolina after making massive damages in the Bahamas last weekend and in the beginning of this week.

It is estimated that the hurricane affected about 76.000 people in the islands. The nation has declared an emergency need.

According to US National Hurricane Center there is a high risk of flash flooding and strong winds over the coastal part of Carolina when the Hurricane Dorian is moving toward the US coastal line.

-Flash flooding will become increasingly likely across coastal Georgia into the eastern Carolinas overnight. On Thursday there is a high risk of flash flooding over coastal sections of the Carolinas, where significant life-threatening flash-flooding is expected. Water level could rise well in advance of the arrival of strong winds,  the Center says.

The Atlantic Ocean is also active in the open waters, where tropical storm Gabrielle is maintaining its intensity, according to the National Hurricane Center. Gabrielle is located in the middle of Atlantic between the Bahamas and the Africa.


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Hurricane Dorian is one of the Atlantic disturbances – losses 25 billion dollars

The Hurricane Dorian, the strongest hurricane in the Bahamas, has caused major damages in the area during the weekend.  Over 13.000 homes are being destroyed after the hurricane hit the islands.

According to US National Weather Service, the Atlantic is also having other disturbances at the same time. According to their tweet:

“While the focus has understandably been on Hurricane Dorian, the entire tropical Atlantic basin has become quite active. There are currently 3 disturbances being monitored for potential development, with another tropical wave expected to move off the African coast later this week, the National Weather Service organisation said on Monday evening.

The strong winds have decreased from the Bahamas somewhat, but the US states Florida, Georgia and South Carolina have now issued emergency and mandatory evacuations. Schools and governments are expected to be closed on Tuesday and many flights have been cancelled in the US coastal cities.  The Disney park has cancelled some events and some parks are closed. The Hurricane Dorian is not expected to land in Florida according to the NOOA information on Monday.

According to Bloomberg News, the Dorian is estimated to increase the losses of insurance companies by 25 billion dollars. This UBS estimate says that the losses could widen up to 40 billion dollars, if there would be Florida coastal damages.



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