Brexit: The UK Parliament to sit on Saturday 19th

The UK Parliament is having a working day on the 19th of October after the EU Leaders meeting. According to Independent, the Parliament is getting ready for different kind of Brexit scenarios.

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is having different leaders meeting during this week and for example meeting with the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. Yesterday the German counsellor Angela Merkel told the media, that the Brexit-agreement seems unlikely if the Irish border issue is not solved.

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Brexit: EU likely not to accept the new proposal

The comments related to the new Brexit proposal by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson show that the deal is unlikely. For example the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said on Thursday, that Ireland could not sign if there is no open Irish-British border.

The EU has backed the Ireland comments and said that the EU is open, but more needs to be done. According to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker the proposal has some issues that are problematic.

The equity markets ended down on Thursday as the global recession concerns were on the top of mind by investors. FTSE 100 -index closed down 0,63% to 7077 points in London. In Europe the German DAX index closed down 2,76  % to 11925 points, but in France the CAC40 -index closed up 0,30 % to 5438 points.

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Brexit: New proposal to EU this week

The UK Government will send a new Brexit proposal to the EU during this week. The aim is to target the EU leaders meeting on October 17th in order to have the deal before the deadline.

The main question is still the Irish border issue and the island itself. There have been several leakages from the proposal but according to EU spokesman so far the EU has not seen a document that would bring new proposal to the Irish question.

The financial markets were down in Europe. The FTSE 100-index was down 0,65 % to 7360 points in London and the German Dax-index was down 0,97 % to 12 307 points. In France the CAC 40 -index was down 0,99 % to 5621 points.

The US dollar was trading at 0,818 pounds and at 0,918 euros.

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