Moncler board meeting to discuss about strategy

The Italian high-fashion house Moncler had its board meeting today on Tuesday. According to Bloomberg News, the board meeting was regular related to company 3-year strategy. The company spokesperson did not comment about the possible takeover discussion with the French Kering group.

After the media speculation, related to the takeover of Moncler by Kering, the Italian company CEO Remo Ruffini said that he is having different talks with different stakeholders but denied that there would be takeover talks.

The shares of the Milan listed Moncler (MONC) closed today up 0,72 % to 42,09 euros, while the French Kering (KER) closed up 0,42 % to 546,40 euros. The Moncler has increased over 52 % this year in the Milan Stock Exchange, while the Kering has gone up 43,5% in Paris. The luxury sector in general has performed well in spite of the global trade tensions.

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Christmas Calendar 9: Gift ideas

Christmas Calendar 9: Gift ideas: Jacob & Co Jewellery “Infinia” collection

-The Jacob & Co jewellery “Infinia” collection is available in pearls and turquoise, corals and diamonds. The Infinia collection is reflective of the universal symbol for “infinity,” from which it draws its name. The deep color and timeless nature of the stones, combined with the collection’s circular designs, symbolize a cycle of endless infatuation – an infinite love that lasts forever, Jacob & Co says.

The collection is also available in pearls and different variations of sapphire, ruby and emerald cabochons (earrings and rings).

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Christmas Calendar 7: Gift ideas

Christmas Calendar 7: Gift ideas: Chopard “For you” earrings

-The For You collection is a perfect embodiment of this fine jewellery expertise and brings a light and airy touch to the High Jewellery world. Cherry blossoms are at the center of this line inspired by springtime and introducing white gold jewellery sets featuring rings and earrings studded with diamonds or emeralds, the company says.


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Moncler to become carbon neutral by 2021

The Italian fashion house Moncler (MONC) is aiming to become carbon neutral by 2021.  According to the company information, Moncler is using all its needed energy from renewables sources and its own production, logistic and headquarter sites are having an ISO14001 environmental management system in place.

– Moncler’s commitment also extends to the product and the search for low-impact solutions, ranging from fabrics and accessories made with recycled materials to those of alternative origin, the company says.

According to Moncler great energy is continuously put into sharing high social and environmental standards with its partners.

-Moncler has intensified audit, training and sharing activities to spread a culture of sustainability through an open and constructive dialogue aimed at continuous and mutual improvement, Moncler says.

Moncler also entered this year the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World and Europe and is recognized as the Industry Leader in the ‘Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods’ sector.

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Moncler Ruffini: There are no concrete talks at the moment

The owner of the Italian fashion house Moncler´s Mr Remo Ruffini said today that the company is not having any concrete takeover talks. He was referring to the news that the French luxury house Kering (KER) would be in talks to buy Moncler.

– In relation to the rumors reported by certain media, Mr. Remo Ruffini – in his capacity as shareholder of Moncler – would like to clarify that from time to time he maintains contacts and interacts with investors and other sector participants, including the Kering group, in order to explore strategic potential opportunities to further promote the successful development of Moncler. At the moment, however, there is not any concrete hypothesis under consideration, the company release stated later today.

Moncler´s (MONC) shares were slightly down from the highs and were trading up 7,03% to 41,56 euros in Milan on Thursday. The shares hit up over 10 % during the day after the possible takeover news. The French luxury house Kering´s (KER) stock was trading up 0,41 % to 540,30 euros in Paris.



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