Brexit: Is UK paying the 39 billion pounds?

The Brexit-situation between the UK and the EU is escalating. The UK newspapers have reported that the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not willing to pay the 39 billion pounds exit deal to EU in no-deal case but rather 9 billion pounds. The EU has told that it is not willing to change the Brexit agreement which was reached with the former PM Theresa May.

This new approach is raising questions of the Brexit outcome in general. For example the editor of Financial Times, Lionel Barber wrote in his twitter feed on Sunday about the situation:

” In the Brexit referendum, we were told exiting the EU would be a cake walk and a new trade deal would be agreed on day two. Now Boris Johnson is asking for legal advice on shutting down Parliament for five weeks to force through Brexit. This is the tyranny of the tiny majority”, he tweeted.

According to the Guardian the PM Johnson has asked the attorney general if the UK Parliament can be shut down for five weeks from September 9  to stop MPs forcing a further extension to Brexit. Many MPs have rejected such a move to be against the democratic process saying it will “threaten the future of our country”.





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Brexit: UK Parliament voted to block no-deal

The UK Parliament has voted to block the no-deal Brexit agreement. By votes 315 – 274 the MPs have decided to stop the new Prime Minister to suspend the Parliament to force a no-deal Brexit through.

According to Independent, the goverment has to publish fortnighly reports during the autumn about the Brexit process.

Next week the Tories will vote for the new Prime Minister. The likely winner is Boris Johnson.

The UK Brexit is happening at the end of October.

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