Christmas Calendar 4: Gift ideas

Christmas Calendar 4: Gift ideas: Patek Philippe “Calatrava Haute Joaillerie” Luxury Watch

The Patek Philippe luxury watch was launched in 2017. The Calatrava Haute Joaillerie  model is having extremely feminine decoration, combining white gold, engraved mother-of-pearl and precious stones. Now the company has unveiled this watch also with the shades of blue.

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-The softly rounded contour of the white-gold case is set with staggered rows of brilliant-cut diamonds interspersed with brilliant-cut blue sapphires in varying intensities of color. On the lower part of the 18K gold dial, diamonds mingle with sapphires in different shades of blue in a “random” or “snow” setting, while the upper part, in mother-of-pearl, features a hand-engraved feather motif in delicate blue tints, the company says.

Please see the details here:


-Engraved mother-of-pearl, set with diamonds and blue sapphires, 18K gold dial plate, Engraved white gold leaf-shaped hands


-White gold, Diameter: 35.8 mm, Height: 7.8 mm, Water-resistant to 30 m, Sapphire crystal case back


-Alligator leather with square scales, matte lavender blue, Gem-set prong buckle


-98 diamonds: ~0.23 ct., 89 blue sapphires: ~0.28 ct. (dial), 149 diamonds: ~1.1 ct.
182 blue sapphires: ~1.93 ct. (case), 36 diamonds: ~0.04 ct.
1 blue sapphire cabochon: ~0.1 ct. (crown), 65 diamonds: ~0.29 ct.
82 blue sapphires: ~0.38 ct. (buckle), Total 348 diamonds: ~1.66 ct. Total 354 blue sapphires: ~2.69 ct.


– Caliber 240, Ultra-thin, Self-winding, Diameter: 27.5 mm, Height: 2.53 mm, Number of parts: 161, Winding rotor:off-centerminirotorin 22 Kgold, Frequency:21,600 semi-oscillations/hour(3Hz), Power reserve: min. 48 hours


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LVMH and Tiffany may announce the deal on Monday – Bloomberg


HD_PatekPhilippe_ChronographeFlybackQuantiemeAnnuelReference59601_Big&smallThe global luxury group, the French LVMH and the US jeweler Tiffany (TIF) are having their board meetings today on Sunday and it might be possible that the merger deal might be announced already on Monday, Bloomberg News says.

According to the information, LVMH has raised the price to 135 dollars a share, which would mean that the valuation of the New York jeweler would be more than 16 billion dollars. Tiffany´s shares closed to 125,51 dollars on Friday in Wall Street giving the market cap of 15,16 billion dollars. In October the LVMH-offering price was 120 dollars per share in cash.

The French LVMH (MC) is trying to enter the US jewellery markets with the acquisition of  Tiffany, which has over 300 different retail stores globally. It operates also in the field of luxury watches and home & accessories.

LVMH is the owner of the several well-known brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Bulgari, Hublot, Tag Heuer, DKNY, Belmond and Marc Jacobs. LVMH´s shares closed up 1,80 % to 396,20 euros in Paris on Friday.

Picture: Patek Philippe luxury watch “ChronographeFlybackQuantiemeAnnuelReference59601” Baselworld 2019. Tiffany is also reseller of Patek Philippe, Geneva watches.


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Luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe for sale?


According to Bloomberg news, the Swiss luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe may be for sale. This 180 year old luxury watch company is valued between 7-9 billion euros by market analysts and it is one of the last biggest independent brands.

Patek Philippe is owned by Stern family and it is one of the innovative brands in the industry still. In 1845 the company patented the keyless winding and hand-setting system. In 1916 Patek Philippe made the first ladies´wristwatch with a five-minute repeater. In 2018 the company introduced the twenty-4 collection for ladies.

The company CEO Thierry Stern said in the Financial Times interview in 2013 that  they aim to keep the production at 50.000 pieces a year in order to keep the quality in the watches. The company headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Patek Philippe – elegance with luxury


Patek Philippe is known for its high-quality craftmanship. These models brings the tradition, independence and emotions with luxury to its customers.

The company has also made a new version of the traditional 240 movement watch, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. This luxury watch is made from white gold, mother of pearl, rare white diamonds and rose sapphires. It is elegance with ultra-thin self-winding.

This ladies luxury watch is an excellent choice fo a larger timespiece with precious luxury settings. The Watch oscillates very precisely, assuring a daily rate tolerance of -3 to +2 seconds.

The watches have the Patek Philippe Seal, which is more than traditional quality standard. According to the company, the Seal means company´s own quality label related to manufacturing, precision and lifelong maintenance. The company is family owned, based in Geneva, and it has about 2400 employees globally. The annual production is about 58.000.


How about a smart watch?


If we are used to use smart phones, would it be easy to use smart watches? Not necessarily. Although it is nice to have some functions in your wrist all the time, I found that it is important to think first what do you really want from these gadgets. Do you want to see all the emails and social media happenings or is it purely for the design, clock and phone elements? The functionalities in these smart watches are really different. So, there is no one size fits for all. But there is one important thing to remember, these watches are working with your mobile phone.

Maybe it is nice to see all the alerts, the incoming calls and maybe take a picture? Soon we all wear smart devices: in our ears, in our eyes and in our wrists.  This is already now the situation if you think about Google glasses, smartphones and smart watches. According to Strategy Analytics last year 1, 9 million smart watches were sold and the major market dominant was Samsung, with 61 per cent market share.

What kind of design there would be if the real watch makers like Rolex, Longines, Patek Philippe or Swatch would join the high tech industry with these products? One thing is sure: the watch should be traditional one, I mean with the functionalities, but the design and mobile phone elements would be extra elements with new thinking.  Oh, there are so many opportunities and looking forward to see one!

Päivi Härkönen