Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank in merger talks

The two big German banks, the Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank (CBK) are having merger talks. According to several news sources, the German Goverment has already given positive signs to the possible merger. According to Reuters, the decision should be announced in the coming weeks.

If the merger would take place the combined banks would have a market value of 24 billion euros, while at the moment the Deutsche Banks (DBK)´s value is at 15,90 billion euros. The both banks have had downward trend in the stock market, while Deutsche´s share has decreased 13 % and Commerzbanks´s 12,4 % during a year period.

Deutsche Bank´s revenue was 5553 million euros in 2017 compared to Commerzbank´s 2036 million euros. Deutsche´s profit margin was -7,65 % and Commerzbank´s 5,55 %.

The German Goverment owns over 15 % of the Commerzbank, while Deutsche is owned by institutional shareholders, which represent 81 % of the shares. Majority of shareholders are located in Germany.

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Uber´s annual bookings 50 billion dollars

The US ride-sharing company Uber published on Friday its last year 2018 figures. According to the information, the company had annual bookings worth 50 billion dollars during last year. In December Uber filed a confidential IPO, which may come during the second quarter of this year.

Uber´s full year revenue was 11,3 billion dollars, which is showing a 43 % increase compared to previous year. The full year loss before taxes and depreciations was 1,8 billion dollars. The loss was 2,2 billion dollars in 2017. The Q4 revenue was 3 billion dollas, an increase by 24 % from the year earlier.

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US tech sales to new record this year – 351 billion dollars

The US tech sales will make a new record this year. According to CTA, the Consumer Technology Association, the revenue will grow to 351 billion dollars. This is 3,9 % increase from year earlier.

According to the study, the growth will come from Smart Home, Smart Speakers and Virtual Reality products & services. Although the growth is strongest in the emerging technologies,  the volume sales come from the “old products” like smartphones, + 3% increase to 62,9 billion dollars or automotive electronics +5,1 % to 15,9 billion dollars.

Amazon Echo and Google Home -type smart speakers will get 3,8 billion dollars revenue, increase with 93 %. Smart Home sales will increase by 34 % to 4,5 billion dollars and virtual reality services + 18 % to 1,2 billion dollars.

Wearables, like smartwatches and health & fitness & sports products, will get 1 % increase to 6,4 billion dollars.