Juncker: Brexit-deal possible -Sky News

The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in Sky News interview that it is possible to have a Brexit-deal with the UK.

He said “we can have a deal” while the no-deal Brexit would have “catastrophic consequences”.

Mr. Juncker also confirmed that he has got some new draft ideas from the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The UK is about to leave on the 31st of October the EU block.

The Supreme court is expected to have their decision about the Parliament suspension in the begining of next week. The Parliament was suspended for five weeks by PM Boris Johnson.

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Brexit: UK Parliament 5 weeks break

The UK Parliament has started its five weeks break during this week. The MPs are getting back on the 14th October, while the Halloween deadline for Brexit is scheduled for the 31st of October.

The parties will be having their annual conferences during this time and also preparing for the possibility of general elections. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that he will not delay the Brexit and his ambition is to get a new deal with the EU, with the new EU leaders.

On the other hand, if there is no new deal at the end of October, the 19th, the Prime Minister has to extend the deadline to the end of January 2020 and resign. And this would mean new elections or new referendum.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and other opposition parties have agreed not to back the PM´s demand for a general election before the EU-summit. The EU Summit will take place on the 17-18th October in Brussels.


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