Credit Suisse CEO Thiam urges sustainable investing

One of the leading banking groups in the world, Credit Suisse (CSGN) is turning more to Sustainable Investing and Green Banking. The Groups´s CEO Tidjane Thiam  was the keynote speaker in the “Geneva Summit on Sustainable Finance” -event on Tuesday in Switzerland. He said that the banking group is in the process to focus more on longterm, sustainable and strategic economy than short-term capital gains.

Mr Thiam also emphasized the importance of technology in the digital transformation. The bank has for example announced co-operations with different tech companies in order to make the bank´s internal systems more stable, sound and secure to foster more long-term orientation and risk management.

– We are also looking for different kind of PPP-projects, where public and private companies can join for different kind of partnerships in our business areas, he said.

Credit Suisse announced this week also new restructuring actions, which means that the Group will focus more on its core business areas and increase cost savings from the Global Markets – activities.


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