Brexit: UK to hold general elections on Dec 12th

The UK Parliament has decided to have general elections on the 12th December as the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suggested. The Parliament voted numbers 438-20 that the elections should be on Dec 12th.

According to BBC, the bill is going to the House of Lords and it is expected to become a law by the end of this week.  After that the Parliament is having a five-weeks breaks before the elections.


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Brexit: Boris Johnson’s elections rejected

The UK Parliament has rejected the Prime Minister Boris Johnson´s plan for the December 12th elections. He failed to reach the two-thirds majority which was needed.

It is now expected that the Prime Minister will back the Liberal Democrat plan to change the elections earlier, to December 9th. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is also expected to back the earlier elections alhough they have been against all until the no-deal Brexit risk is removed.


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Microsoft and Tiffany lifted US stocks in the opening

The tech company Microsoft (MSFT) and luxury company Tiffany (TIF) lifted the US stocks in the opening on Monday. Microsoft´s deal with the Pentagon cloud computing service, the value of over 10 billion dollars, raised the company shares. Microsoft was up 2,23 % and was trading at 143,87 dollars in New York.

The shares of the luxury house Tiffany rose over 30 % in the opening, after the French luxury group LVMH (LVMH) has made 120 dollar a share takeover bid of the US company during the weekend.

Tiffany´s shares opened at 127,65 dollars and was trading at 129,95 dollars after some analysts have raised the target price and upgraded their recommendations. Some market analysts think that Tiffany may get also interest from luxury rivals such as the Swiss Richemont (CFR) and the French Kering ( KER).

Richmond was also trading up, 2,93 % at 77,22 francs in Zurich, while the French Kering was trading down 0,66 % at 510 euros in Paris.

S&P 500 -index traded record high, while Nasdaq and Dow Jones are still some behind from their peaks. S&P 500 -index was up 0,5 % to 3039 points, Dow Jones was up 0,51 % to 2709 points and Nasdaq 0,84 % to 8312 points.

In London, where the Brexit-delay is now granted to the end of January 2020 if needed, the FT-SE 100 -index was trading also up 0,15 % to 7335 points. The UK Parliament will debate today about the elections and the possible days for it.



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Brexit: EU grant extension until January

The EU leaders have agreed to give the UK the Brexit delay until January 31st 2020. According to the decision, the leave could happen also earlier if the UK Parliament has ratified the deal.

The UK MPs are about to vote on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s general election plan due to December 12 later today. According to BBC, the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is not supporting the elections until a no-deal Brexit is ruled out.


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Brexit: EU is expected to agree on delay until January

The EU leaders are expected to agree the Brexit delay until the end of January 2020, according to media sources. The EU leaders are having their meeting in Brussels today.

The discussion about the delay timetable was mixed during last week while the UK Parliament were discussing about the general elections in December. Today’s EU meeting will also include the possibility of exiting earlier if the UK Parliament can ratify the PM Boris Johnson deal.


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Brexit: EU delays the Brexit extension decision

According to Evening Standard, the EU leaders have delayed the decision of Brexit extension due to the possible General Elections in December 12th. According to the newspaper, the EU decision became after the leaders had their meeting on Friday regarding the extension of the October 31st timeline.

It is expected that the EU will publish its extension decision on Monday after the vote on December elections in the UK Parliament.

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