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This is an open letter to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. I had the pleasure to testdrive your Model S in Finland and naturally in the Nordics we have also very icy roads here during the winter time.

Everything was working pretty well and the updates in the software were looking good. And liked the touch of the driving.

But then suddenly I noticed that my car was sliding to the other side of the road and the car has not alerted me anything…luckily it was a small, local road, but in your office we talked about the software with this kind of situations and it might have happened that the road was so tick with ice that the sensors did not noticed the changes in the road not the lanes.

So, please keep this in mind for the next updates and wishing safe and sound journeys also in the future!

This is also a good reminder for other car manufacturers that the winter conditions are so different compared to the summer driving that winter testing is also a piece of art.